The COPEDI (Comitê Brasileiro para Pesquisa, Desenvolvimento e Inovação) members are delighted to invite you for our Forum which will occur on the 1st October at IBP – Av. Almirante Barroso, 52 – Centro – RJ.

COPEDI gathers organizations aiming at cooperating on the technology development activities in the offshore sector in Brazil. This cooperation is proposed at the format of JIPs (Joint Industry Projects) which are projects market-oriented that intend to transfer scientific knowledge into new services or tools demanded by the industry. In addition to the benefit generated by putting together universities, technology providers and demanding companies (operators and oil companies), the JIPs represent a powerful tool in optimizing resources, by sharing the costs of the project
at the pre-competitive phase.

The Forum aims at disseminating the JIPs proposals generated by COPEDI members to the R&D community. The proposals will be divided into sessions by their main focus:

 Session 1: Metocean & Floating Units
 Session 2: Mooring systems
 Session 3: Subsea systems

We wait for you there! The fees to participate to the Forum will be R$80,00. The inscriptions shall be made by e-mail to Rosemary Campos,