Constantly, Oceânica realizes refining courses about naval engineering and its related subjects, either to its internal team or to general companies, universities and others.

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    Know below the list of courses already existing in the portfolio of Oceânica and that can be taught in your company:

    - coupled analysis
    - global structural analysis of FPSO
    - umbilical analysis: overview and structural models
    - statistical analysis of extremes
    - basic structural analysis of oil platform
    - structural analysis of modules
    - assessment of environmental data - METOCEAN
    - medium and slow drift for offshore units
    - second-order hydrodynamic effects in the analysis of floating production systems - basic naval engineering
    - specification and follow-up of tests
    - stability of floating systems
    - event maritime accident analysis
    - II meeting on maritime accidents: offshore operations
    - forces in small structures: Morison&39;s force
    - Offshore engineering function in the oil industry
    - basic hydrodynamics
    - basic hydrodynamics II
    - installation of submarine equipment
    - interpretation of scale tests
    - introduction to naval architecture
    - introduction to fatigue
    - introduction to the finite element method applied to structural analysis
    - maneuverability in ports and offshore operations
    offloading operations
    - test analysis procedure
    - procedure for motion analysis using WAMIT
    - roll of FPSOs
    - simulation of offshore systems: concepts and tools
    - simulations and nautical operations
    - Matlab programming topics
    - overview of oceanic positioning systems: anchoring and Dynamic Positioning - DP - vortex induced vibrations - VIV
    - vortex induced motions
    - VIM in offshore engineering

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