Oceânica Offshore – Oceânica Engenharia, Consultoria e Projetos Ltda. – is an independent consultancy company specialized in naval and offshore projects, traditional calculations to high technology services. It is a Brazilian company with an international presence and clients in several countries. Born in an academic environment and developed as a services supplier to the industry, Oceânica has a strong background in research and development, always producing creative and innovative solutions, without losing competitiveness and a focus on performance. This profile also allows the company to have a solid commercial relationship with universities and research centers as well as with large companies engaged in engineering, construction, drilling, installation, shipping or oil & gas production. Oceânica is part of the HBR group, which has 25 years experience in the industrial equipment market, enabling the supply of integrated solutions and increasing its portfolio even more.


To work as a consulting and engineering company for conceptual and basic designs, in the naval and offshore area, employing unique technologies, processes and people always focused on our clients needs, aiming for personal and professional fulfillment of our employees, profitability for the company and satisfaction for its shareholders and for the society as a whole.


To be internationally recognized as a leader in the supply of engineering solutions for the naval and offshore market and to have a strong presence in international markets. Value

  • To innovate always;
  • To assure freedom;
  • To be committed to our clients needs and deliver the way we would like to receive;
  • To fulfill our moral and ethical obligations to society;
  • Not to be afraid of doing what we believe in.

Business Definition

A consulting and engineering company for conceptual and basic designs, in the naval and offshore areas, working for the national and international markets.


São Paulo, Brazil

R. Marco Giannini, 280 - Butantã

05550-000 - São Paulo, Brazil

Tel: 55 11 3611-6022

Fax: 55 11 3611-6022

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Av. Pres. Wilson, 231 - 9º Andar

Sala 937 – Centro

20030-905 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tel: 55 21 2103-7681