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Oceânica holds its7th Training Week

Last week Oceânica held the 7th edition of its Training Week. In order to train and bring knowledge to the market professionals, the event exceeded expectations.

The company had participation of various people, including professionals from companies like Ausenco, Ideom/Braskem, DNV, InterMoor, Mendes Júnior, Odebrecht, Planave, Subsea 7, and others.

As the topics were definited through a poll conducted over the internet, there were presentations about hydrodynamics I and II, mooring in deep water, subsea equipment installation, maneuvering and docking in terminal and marine operations.

In the training evaluation, which kept the good result of the previous editions, being 99% good or excellent approval, participants highlighted the speakers knowledge on the subjects discussed, and also the distinctive style of presentation.

The event took place between August 08th and 10th in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, and it was opened to all interested parties.

7th Oceânica Training Week coming

Oceânica holds its 7th training to customers and partners.

The event, held for the seventh time, will have its edition in Rio de Janeiro and will be taught by Oceânica professionals. The objective of the event is bringing knowledge to the participants, besides the exchange of experiences.

It was opened a poll at Oceânica website to those interested vote in the topics of greatest interest. As the result was defined topics such as subsea equipment installation, introduction to hydrodynamics and hydrodynamics II, mooring in deep water, marine operations and maneuvering and docking in terminals.

The course will take place at Windsor Plaza Hotel in Copacabana and it will last three days,   from August 8th to 10th .

At the end of the event, we will draw for an Ipad 2 among those who will participate in the three days of training.

For accommodation visit Jaxtours.

For information about cost and the course, send an email to

Oceânica defines the themes for the 7th Training Week

Oceânica has defined the themes for the 7th Oceânica Training Week based on the poll opened to the public. The survey aimed to choose the most interesting topics were issues such as Introduction to Hydrodynamics, Subsea Equipment Installation, Dynamic Positioning Analysis, Umbilicals Analysis, Coupled Analysis of Dynamical Systems, VIV and VIM, Maneuvering and docking in terminal, Mooring in deep water, Interpretation and use of environmental data (Metocean), Tests in basing tank and numerical model calibration, Hydrodynamics II, Marine Operations and Arrangement and Structural Analysis for Topside of sounder ship.

The first 6 issues will be presented at 7th Oceânica Training Week. For more information, follow our website or on

Oceânica performs one more training week

Oceânica held its 6th edition of its training week. The course offered by the company came up with the purpose of acquiring more knowledge and information exchange between professionals.

The event took place between February 28 and March 4 with the participation of employees and stakeholders who have registered on the website, from companies like Frexomarine, Intermoor, Schuler Presses, Subsea7 and Tarobá.

The main topics discussed were Metocean, analysis coupled with the use of orcaflex, model test procedures, mooring evaluations and Umbilicals analysis: an overview and structural models.

For those interested, Oceânica helds the event twice a year and the next edition will take place next semester, in Rio de Janeiro.

Soon check out the materials for download.

Oceânica provides training for employees and customers

Oceânica is bringing to market the 6th edition of the training week. Courses are offered to help interested parties to acquire more knowledge and exchange information about different subjects.

The event which is held twice a year, began as a company initiative to develop skills and knowledge of its internal team.

After requests of some friends and partners to take part in training, Oceânica decided to open its doors officially for the entire naval and ocean community, further extending the opportunity to exchange information between the staff and other professionals.

The next edition will take place at Oceanica’s office, in São Paulo, from February 28th to March 4th – 2 days for employees and three days open to the public. Subjects such as Metocean, coupled analysis with the application of Orcaflex, model test procedures, mooring evaluations and umbilicals analysis will be discussed.

Each lecture will last three hours and they will be carried out by professionals of Oceânica.

Click Here and check the full schedule.

More information about the workshop can be obtained by e-mail

Oceânica in Colombia

Intensifying its activities in Colombia, Oceânica is attending the Offshore Engeneering Training in the first week of December 2010, which is taking place at the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar located in the city of Cartagena das Índias.

The course which is consisted in 9 modules being conducted  by 5 Oceânica professionals. The modules are: overview of offshore market, disciplines in offshore engeneering, drilling and production platforms, Subsea systems and introduction to the hydrostatic, hydrodynamic stability .

The files for unloading are in the area of the site downloads.

Oceânica already perfoms engeneering services in the country. Read more in Projects.