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Innovation s.f. Newness or renovation

We understand all about it! Oceânica has been rewarded for innovation, for the second time!

On November 19th, Oceânica was awarded the “Year 2010 Inventor” prize, granted by Petrobras honouring reseachers who have exceeded by the development of innovative technologies, objects of filing patent.

The event that seeks to recognize innovation from the company, universities, partners enterprises and suppliers, responsible for  61 patent applications in the segments of prospection, production and supply of gas and energy, bi-combustible, transportation and service.

We received a certificate and a trophy for the “Spoiler plates for Vortex Induced Motion” patent, in a shared authorship between Petrobras technicians and USP professors.

In 2007, Oceânica also granted the FINEP Innovation in Technology, same year the prize celebrated the record of 732 registered projects.