Ten successful years of cooperation

Celebrating a successful partnership that has spanned more than 10 years, OCEANICA and MARIN recently took time to commemorate their joint work for the development and aplication of the state of art techniques and technologies on naval and matitime projects.  Both parties acclaimed their ongoing partnership for its successes in more than 50 projects.

Over the course of a decade more than 40 different ports, terminals and routes have been studied trough a range of activities such as fast-time and real-time simulations, crew and pilots training, sea trials, scale model tests, and workshops. OCEANICA’s most successful initiatives have been adding value to the port facilities using a unbiased and technical approach.

Daniel Cueva, OCEANICA director said: “MARIN has been a true partner and we are incredibly grateful for its support. We look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial partnership, bringing the most advanced tools and great personell to our joint activities for many years to come.”

MARIN is pleased to look back at 10 successful years of cooperation with Oceânica. It has resulted into easy excess to MARIN expertise for the Brazilian maritime industry in the field of offshore hydrodynamics and waterway & port development. By means of our jointly operated bridge simulator in São Paulo we are able to help our clients make cleaner, safer and smarter ships, ports and waterways, comments Timo Verwoest.

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