Oceânica receives visit from Delf University of Technology Committee

Oceânica received last week, at its São Paulos` office, a committee composed by 30 Dutch master students from Delf University of Technology, in Rotterdam.
São Paulo, Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Parati and Angra dos Reis are cities on the route of those students and Oceânica was been chosen as a model of sector company. The Panamérica Study Trip also involved visits to the Institute of Technology Research of the São Paulo University (IPT), Santos Port and Petrobras, among other institutions. The study trip has started in Panamá where the students could explore more about peculiarities and technologies used on local naval projects.

Panamérica Committee

Panamérica Committee

Oceânica was the 1st company visited in Brazil and had the opportunity to present a little more about its work and discuss some important themes of Brazilian market such as the port growth stimulated by new sector policies.
Pictures from the event can be seen in Downloads.
More information about the Panamérica Study Trip can be found at http://panamerica.froude.nl/

Oceânica completed manouvering simulation for Barra do Riacho LNG terminal

At the request of Petrobras, Oceânica have completed many manouvering analysis for the new LNG terminal in Barra do Riacho (called TBR). The purpose was to evaluate if the planed dimensions for the channel and evolution area were appropriate to the features and flow of the vessel which will be handling the gas transportation in the area.

The New terminal will occupy 46 hectares and will be held together with Terminal Aquaviário de Barra do Riacho (called TABR), in Aracruz, ES.

Simulations took place at the Nautilus – Center of Ports and Oceanic Simulation and counted with port authorities members and captains from Espirito Santo Ports.

In total, more than 50 manouvers were performed on Full Mission Bridge Simulator, using fast time and real time tools, shared in 2 weekly campaigns.

The importance of this project, strengths even more the need of simulation as many situations as possible to warrant its viability: in total. Investments are estimated in 2,7 bi (Real) and natural gas daily production is estimated at about 14 million cubic meters .

Oceanic concludes agreement to supply Simulator CBO

Consolidating the experience of our project team and complementing the entries for CADFOR and ONIP, Oceanica is now enabled as a main supplier of Petrobras, the CRCC. Result of a work executed throughout 2011, the CRCC of Oceanica incorporates the following service specialties: Structural mobile steel projects, Shipbuilding projects, Technical-economic feasibility studies, Organization, Methods and Systems projects, Tankers ship Conversion projects in FPSO and FSO, Projects for Mobile Platforms-Semi Submersible, Installation analysis of subsea equipment, Anchor systems projects.
Along 2012, Oceanica the will include new specialties to increase the range of services provided to the largest oil company of Brazil.

Oceanica’s workshop about Simulation Solutions applied to Port Analysis and Maneuvers

With investment’s in Terminals and Ports increasing in Brazil, the need for specialized tools are necessary to analyze maneuver, to predict the ability to dock a given vessel in desired cradle. Oceanica already acts providing simulations in accelerated time, also called fast time, for major expansion projects and new terminals in the country, announced that it is working on improving your real time Simulator of maneuvers, so turns it on full mission Bridge configuration (Full Mission Bridge). 
Oceanica organized a seminar with companies about Simulation Solutions applied to Port Analysis and Maneuvers, strengthening contacts with customer and partners, held on 29 November in São Paulo, with the presence of Marin, Dutch laboratory partner in this project, and representatives of the VALE, the Navy of Brazil-CIAGA, HATCH, Wilson Sons and EMBRAPORT.

Oceânica holds its7th Training Week

Last week Oceânica held the 7th edition of its Training Week. In order to train and bring knowledge to the market professionals, the event exceeded expectations.

The company had participation of various people, including professionals from companies like Ausenco, Ideom/Braskem, DNV, InterMoor, Mendes Júnior, Odebrecht, Planave, Subsea 7, and others.

As the topics were definited through a poll conducted over the internet, there were presentations about hydrodynamics I and II, mooring in deep water, subsea equipment installation, maneuvering and docking in terminal and marine operations.

In the training evaluation, which kept the good result of the previous editions, being 99% good or excellent approval, participants highlighted the speakers knowledge on the subjects discussed, and also the distinctive style of presentation.

The event took place between August 08th and 10th in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, and it was opened to all interested parties.

7th Oceânica Training Week coming

Oceânica holds its 7th training to customers and partners.

The event, held for the seventh time, will have its edition in Rio de Janeiro and will be taught by Oceânica professionals. The objective of the event is bringing knowledge to the participants, besides the exchange of experiences.

It was opened a poll at Oceânica website to those interested vote in the topics of greatest interest. As the result was defined topics such as subsea equipment installation, introduction to hydrodynamics and hydrodynamics II, mooring in deep water, marine operations and maneuvering and docking in terminals.

The course will take place at Windsor Plaza Hotel in Copacabana and it will last three days,   from August 8th to 10th .

At the end of the event, we will draw for an Ipad 2 among those who will participate in the three days of training.

For accommodation visit Jaxtours.

For information about cost and the course, send an email to cursos@oceanicabr.com

Oceânica concludes fast time maneveurs project

Last week Oceânica finished the maneuver project performed by fast time analysis to Concremat.

Critical environmental conditions were used in the maneuvers feasibility assessment of the CSN, Gerdau and Petrobras Supply and E & P terminals. The results are going to help to define the pier arrangement and tugboat number and power.

The project developed by Oceânica presented the expected result. “From the commitment from each one, we meet deadlines and the customer requirements. The result was great, we delivered a product with quality and therefore it was worth our dedication”, says Beatriz Burlamaqui, Concremat project manager.

The joint development of the terminal in Sepetiba is something that has been developed by the companies since 2009.

Oceânica closes partnership with DNV Software

Oceânica Offshore signed this week a partnership with DNV Software, a DNV group company specialized in software for maritime, offshore and process industries. Besides having some of the best software in the market, the partnership comes  to contribute to the improvement on efficiency of both companies.

Up to now Oceânica began to have access to the total line of DNV softwares which it operates, with a total of 20 softwares and 65 licenses, which range from solutions for metal structures to hydrodynamics, incluinding dynamic positioning and risers.

For Marcos Cueva, Oceânica director, using DNV solutions will bring several benefits to the company. “We will have more efficiency, integration, agility, beyond more preparation to meet the oil & gas market,” he says.

Besides the items mentioned, the partnership includes participation in trainings conducted by the two companies.

Oceânica defines the themes for the 7th Training Week

Oceânica has defined the themes for the 7th Oceânica Training Week based on the poll opened to the public. The survey aimed to choose the most interesting topics were issues such as Introduction to Hydrodynamics, Subsea Equipment Installation, Dynamic Positioning Analysis, Umbilicals Analysis, Coupled Analysis of Dynamical Systems, VIV and VIM, Maneuvering and docking in terminal, Mooring in deep water, Interpretation and use of environmental data (Metocean), Tests in basing tank and numerical model calibration, Hydrodynamics II, Marine Operations and Arrangement and Structural Analysis for Topside of sounder ship.

The first 6 issues will be presented at 7th Oceânica Training Week. For more information, follow our website or on twitter.com/@oceanicabr.

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